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Beat the worms haunting your forest!

09 January 2019

Move the slider to move the arm, move harder to hit.

27 March 2018

Choose head, body and tail of an animal by swipping up or down.

4 January 2018

Protect your minerals from the robots killing them, and upgrading in the shop. Unfinished.

3 July 2017

Buy and upgrade turrets to kill enemies and prevent it to destroy your base.

19 August 2015

A new design for the game, except for the hero. There's only 2 stages cause it's damn too long to do!

6 July 2015

You're in a prison, then you're freed. Why? Who are you? Unfortunately, I never finished the game so you'll never know...

1 May 2015

A tower defense. You're in the tower hitting the bad guys shooting at them.

22 November 2014

A tower defense first test.

22 November 2014

Arrow keys and E and R to move and hit.

12 August 2014

Just a small test to try z-order things.

3 July 2014

Construct-French Game Jam 2014, in about 10 hours.
"The bad guy, it's you."

21 July 2014

A platformer where you have to collect all the jewels to unlock the next level.

16 June 2018

A clone of "Save the Green Guy" on Facebook, to see how I was able to do the same thing in Construct2.

11 April 2014

A game for Léa, where you have to collect as many cakes as you can.

28 February 2014

A copycat of Cookie Clicker, to see if I could do the same concept with Construct 2.

28 February 2014

A platform game. You have to make the best score through 3 levels, collecting strawberries and lifes.

28 February 2014

A simple exercice consisting of using a function system to make some waves of enemies.

18 October 2013

Some tests about the gravity and physics.

8 October 2013

A shooter in space, where you control a spaceship, attempting to save the Earth.

1 November 2013

A cowboy shooter, where you have to shoot all the bandits, called Bill.

15 August 2005