Drag Turret


Last update: 19th August, 2015

Drag and move your turrets to properly shot the enemies. Don't forget to buy in the shop!

v0.1: First playable version. You have plenty of money to test.


Aztek Adventure


Last update: 6th July, 2015

A new design for the game, except for the hero. There's only 2 stages cause it's damn too long to do!

v0.1: First playable version.


Aztek Adventure


Last update: ?

You're in a prison, then you're freed. Why? Who are you? Unfortunately, I never finished the game so you'll never know :D

v0.1: First playable version.


Dino Tower


Last update: 22th November, 2014

A tower defense game type I'm trying to make.

v0.2: First playable version.


Rescue or Die


Last update: 21th July, 2014

Made for Construct-French Game Jam 2014, in about 10h. The theme was "The bad guy, it's you.". You can see others participations here: Construct French Game Jam 2014 (it's in french).

v0.1: First playable version.


Iso test


Last update: 3rd July, 2014

Just a small test to try z-order things. Move with arrows.

v0.1: First playable version.




Last update: 10th July, 2014

A platformer where you have to collect all the jewels to unlock the next levels.

v0.9.4: A few visual FX. Some fix about the hall of fame.

v0.8.5: Score saved at the end in a hall of fame screen. I still might be able to erase the database if needed.

v0.7: Fullscreen mode added.

v0.6: Musics and sounds added.

v0.5: Almost Done. 6 levels.

v0.4: New textures.

v0.3: Monster now in a box for collision. Portal fonctionnal.

v0.2: Fix. Easier level.

v0.1: First playable version.


Hungry Rabbit VS Bad Demons


Last update: 11th April, 2014

A clone of Save the Green Guy on Facebook, to see how I was able to do the same thing on Construct2.

v0.9: A few fix.

v0.8: Fix for after player death.

v0.7: Add an intro screen.

v0.6: Testing enemy behaviors.

v0.5: Better spawn. Now it's a rabbit you can controll! New weapon.

v0.4: Enemy spawn reviewed.

v0.3: Highscore.

v0.2: New UI. Enemies wave system now working.

v0.1: First playable version.




Last update: 28th February, 2014

A game for Léa, where you have to collect as many cakes as you can.

v0.4: A few fix. Mouse cursor now visible.

v0.3: Highscore.

v0.2: Music and sounds added.


Mine Clicker


Last update: 13th November, 2013

A copycat of Cookie Clicker, to see if I could do the same concept with Construct 2.

v1.0.0.5: A few fix. One new shop item.

v1.0.0.4: Code optimisation. Values reviewed. Savegame should be functionnal.

v1.0.0.3: Now you can let the game on background or on minimized browser, it's still working :)

v1.0.0.2: Price values changed. Now your progress is saved on local.


The Frog Who Loved Strawberries


Last update: 31th October, 2013  

A platform game. You have to make the best score through 3 levels, collecting strawberries and lives.

v2.5: Quick fix. No more WIP version :D

v2.4.1.3: WebGL deactivated as well as high-DPI display.

v2.4.1.2: iFrame test again for fullscreen feature (still failing). A few fix.

v2.4.1.1: Code optim. HUD now reduces its opacity when the frog is near.

v2.4: Code optimisation. Fullscreen still a little buggy.


The Arena


Last update: 18th October, 2013

A simple exercice consisting of using a function system to make some waves of enemies.

v1.1: Arena more simple. No more portcullis. Enemies don't die at the same exact time.

v1.0: First working game.




Last update: 8th November, 2013

Some tests about the gravity and physics.

v1.0.0.0: Working version. Still some weird behaviors with the box catching.


The Last Spaceship


Last update: 1st November, 2013

A shooter in space, where you control a spaceship, attempting to save the Earth.

v2: Code optimisation. Spacebar can now make your bomb explode.

v1.9: Bug fix with the 2nd weapon


Kill the Bill


Last update: August, 2005

A cowboy shooter, where you have to shoot all the bandits, called Bill.

v1.0: In fact, there was only 1 version ever.